Gail Love-Schock
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Your now and future self Says thank you


REVEREND GAIL M. LOVE-SCHOCK, INTERFAITH MINISTER, HUMAN BEHAVIOUR SPECIALIST, SPIRITUAL COUNSELLOR, STORYTELLER AND LOVER OF MYSTERIES. changing the way we design and deliver ceremonies, redefining success and personal development, one person and Leader at a time.

‘I had a Divine Love Session with Rev. Gail and really didn't know what to expect. I showed up for the call with an open mind and no expectations and left with joy and amazement in my heart. Rev. Gail creates the right environment and asks the right questions to bring the answers to the surface.’

Jen Wilson - Warrior Women Project


Meet Gail Love-Schock

All my life I’ve known extraordinary moments, waking up to my purpose from profound spiritual experiences. Warnings before accidents, smelling lilies not in my home, indicator after indicator telling me which way to go. Today I walk with Love. Today I am wildly successful and happy.


Work With Me

The question is this, are you ready to experience epic transformation and ecstatic love? Do you want to reach a new level of growth and inspiration, dissolve disconnection, abandon limits, fall in love with your life, be successful, creating the life of your dreams? Yes you do.


Join Me Live

I teach classes and workshops and have spoken on panels and as a keynote speaker at spaces such as Wilderness Festival, WeWork, the Embassy of Sweden, and more. I also lead guided meditations, retreats, and rituals for 100's of people online and in person.

‘The problem with working with Gail, is I don’t have any problems left.’

Hristiana Georgieva, Founder of Bliss.Works

***Here is an enormous amount of logos telling you how many amazing people I have worked with so far. Enjoy.

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‘Gail is a modern Mary Poppins.’

Tamu Thomas, Founder Live Three Sixty

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