Gail Love Schock
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I specialise in Heart to Brain Cohesion, drawing from ancient to modern practices, across Celtic Earth traditions and more. The way I work encourages you to harmonise your three centres: the heart, brain and body.


Meet Gail Love Schock

20 years ago I woke up from surgery to a profound spiritual experience. It wasn’t my first and it wouldn’t be my last, but it was the one that made me wake up from a deeper sleep than general anaesthetic.


Work with me

When you are willing to sit in the unknowing, to explore and reach into a new level of growth and inspiration, this allows the illusions of limits and disconnection to dissolve, making way for beauty and freedom in everything you are and do.


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I often speak at events and workshops, click here to see when and where you can next join me.

‘The problem with working with Gail, is I don’t have any problems left.’

Hristiana Georgieva, Client and Co-founder of Bliss.Works


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