Certainty - why it's the new superpower

I want to talk to you about certainty.

We go for lunch, we order, our food arrives. This is certainty.

You switch the kettle on, the water boils. Itʼs hot. You make tea. Certainty.

You work out for a few months. You get stronger.

You eat well for a while. You feel Aces.

You communicate during sex asking for what you want and you have better orgasms. Winning.

Your phone rings. You answer it and the other person speaks. Oh my god, what?! Certainty.

You pray, cast a spell, set an intention, design a way forward, vision board the heaven out of

your life, set goals smart or free and you doubt all over it. WTF? Stop that. Immediately.

Whatʼs the difference between creating based on universal law, the language of feeling and ordering lunch? Seriously. Why are you sure of one outcome and not another? How many times have you been ‘surprisedʼ when the universe constantly reinforces her support. We can still appreciate the wonder, the great mystery, but let us celebrate it as opposed to doubting it over and over.

Doubt tells me there is a lack of faith, trust and integrity. Itʼs insulting to the great mother and father.

Oh you pulled the same oracle card for the 118th time....crack fucking on living then and stop pulling cards. (I have done and do this, so this as AS much for me as you) By the way did you also know shuffle patterns are a large part of why we often pull the same cards? This isn’t meant to bust the bubble of angelic support, it is an invitation to shuffle longer and or put into practice what is already known. We all have the tools, but do we use them?

The universe is literally love hard staring you over and over. Actions can be in groundhog day and itʼs time to interrupt inertia and get out. Change is hard. Of course it is. Itʼs doing things differently. Itʼs retraining the brain. It is paying attention to the smothered sounds of greatness. No-one is surprised when Trump makes another devastating decision. We ‘expectʼ it now. ‘Oh god, whatʼs he done now?ʼ And yet you would deny yourself this certainty for your own goodness and the courage and change each person can bring when focused. Some humans are being hollowed out by fear, comparison, by the collective atmosphere, the dark net and even when working in the highest realm of consciousness there are times of glitching. Deja vu. Deja wake up. Wake up. WAKE UP and grow up.

We are often negatively certain in how we feel about others ‘failings.ʼ We gossip (very low energy by the way my loves and yes I have  been known to have a right old gossip/moan/bitch about people and I NEVER and I mean never feel good about it)... gossiping from a place of disappointment and judgement is entirely unhelpful, ‘I knew they would do that, itʼs just like them.ʼ You believe you know that person is not reliable, they will screw life up and youʼll get to say I told you so, but will you focus on that or the divinity of people, will you allow yourself to be certain of love or simply disappointment?

What if we used the certainty superpower for goooooooood. ‘I knew this would work out as Iʼd asked it to. I imagined this and trusted myself to take the steps to meet my vision and intention.’ Or you might think ‘They are always brilliant at doing x, y and z. It’s so good knowing I can rely on people in this way and they can rely on me.ʼ Certainty.

Imagine if everyone working from a place of goodness - the original blessing - stopped acting shocked when goodness multiplied and outcomes, answers, matched the enquiry. Imagine it. Why question the positive inevitably of creation? Why be continually surprised when things work out well?

Another example of certainty…

…take driving lessons, pass test (might be on a second or third round), we become better drivers. Sometimes. As an aside I know some really poor drivers who think they are good drivers, because no-one has ever said, ‘erm, I don’t feel safe in the car with you, I was wondering could you slow down, take it easy. Maybe next time I’ll get a cab.’ My life is worth more than that sort of stress.

When I bring love into consciousness and say for example ‘I don’t want to hurt your feelings, for me being in the passenger seat with you is a wee bit worrying at times. I know you love driving and you have a great time on your own, but when I’m in here with you would you mind slowing down a wee bit, or I can always meet you at the venue/grannies/wherever.’ It might be uncomfortable, but you are already uncomfortable. Would you rather be certain of comfort or discomfort?

When shaping life with universal energies are you the forgotten table? You know the one. You wait half an hour to order. Then 45 more minutes pass and youʼre still waiting. The food comes, itʼs wrong. The wait staff keep apologising, but they simply donʼt remember you or see you. Are you being the forgotten table in your own life?

I donʼt like ice cream. And yet sometimes I still order ice cream. And guess what? I DONʼT LIKE IT. Certainty.

We can talk about flow, alignment, hustle, quantum, creation small c, but if we donʼt know the ideology, theology, the power of where we are working from or the essence of what we are working with AND we resist certainty and goodness, life is going to be more of a struggle as we continue to affirm bullshit such as ‘life doesnʼt work for me.ʼ It does work, it’s about what you are you working on creating. History is a reflective practice written by those in the now. Christianity was written by a man who created it 400 years after the founder died. 400 years. You think Jesus thought of everyone as original sin? No. He was certain of the original blessing, that we ALL had the power he showed us, not as a man outside of us, but as a reminder of what is within us. Greatness. Goodness. Grace.

Begging prayers fail. The idea that the God of my understanding doesnʼt see me. Bullshit. I am her. She is me, I have my job on this planet and I have just worked out my map. We have to stop being the adults suckling at the breast of propaganda and thirst for more of things we donʼt need. More isn’t always better. We use 2.5 planets daily. DAILY. Because of the more. Do you really want more? Or do you mean you want better? Did a meme tell you wanted more, or did you realise if you did x, y and z you and your family could be better nourished, you could actually be in service to your community and you could be a little freer? Who or what is influencing you to want or have a unsustainable more?

We have to all stop drinking the myth of scarcity, the one cutting the life blood of integrity. There is scarcity when nations want more, as opposed to embracing sufficiency and inclusivity.

Now is a time of sufficiency, purposeful living, conscious choices, holding your voice steady and opening your ears and heart to listen. Listen. There is so much to be said, but will you listen to what you don’t know? Will you relearn what is possible?

We have to STOP being surprised by things working out for us. If you prayed, dreamt, designed something the way you want it and it arrives (lunch, safe journey, contract, community) as you want it, why are you acting so shocked all the time?

‘Oh my gosh this wonderful thing happened, I went to M&S to purchase new pants. You will never believe it. They had pants. In my size.  I went to the till. Paid for them and now I am wearing them.ʼ FFS. OF COURSE YOU ARE WEARING THEM YOU BOUGHT THEM. Certainty.

So please wake up to the power in your own system and mind. Know when you focus, work from a place of integrity and clarity - what you see for yourself will happen and the more you celebrate this, the better.

Be CERTAIN in your decision making. Be expectant of the characteristics of co-creating.

Yes there might be a plan, yes there might be fate, yes your star maps might be just the ticket to freedom, but if they are not respected, understood or mastered you are missing a massive point of what the universe intends. She anticipates, because when we catch up to what we think we need or is good for us, she has already started cooking in the kitchen and that meal is being sent to the table, ready or not.

How about not only be all knowing about the shittier characteristics of people you know, but be all knowing about the beauty, love and delight of people. Celebrate the consistency from which you live. Celebrate the amount of goodness and glory as it turns up. Re-affirm the process of creation over and over. Celebrate at every opportunity. Be in the wonder and wonder what else is possible. As author and activist Lynn Twist writes - ‘What we appreciate, appreciates.’

When we set up the architecture correctly, the blueprint has to come to life EXACTLY as we sketched it. Otherwise new builds and house project owners would be pissed.

‘It doesn’t look like the plan.’ They’d say.

‘Oh right...well we thought you wanted something else from what you were designing.’ Builders might reply. ‘We went off plan.’

Itʼs time for everyone to stop being hobbyists around co-creation and craft. Itʼs incredibly disrespectful and unbecoming. If you are working with mantra such as ‘everything is taken care of, I am safe and I am loved, I live from sufficiency and love a great, fun, powerful lifeʼ AND all that is true.


Being surprised is okay, enjoy the wonder, AND be certain and confident. Yield your power. Command it. You canʼt be boastful or a show off when you are owning the fruit of knowledge within yourself. Witness what happens. Certainty is a key of magnificence and the doorway to confidence. Of that I am absolutely sure.

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