Welcome to Bounty

Other social media platforms are too short for me to share all I have in me. You are invited to gather here instead, at the home of Bounty. To read more deeply. To coorie in (Scottish for cozy) and enjoy, at times, long sentences and imperfect punctuation, but more importantly you are invited to enjoy the bounty of wisdom, love and loving expression.

Times are changing, so must the medicine and I take my medicine seriously. Time to take even greater responsibility for what I am adding to the community atmosphere, to recognise and celebrate all of my facets and aspects.

These pages will be a mixture of reflective thinking, personal experience, opinion, review and guidance. I’ll also be talking from a space as a pioneer and leader introducing you to why certain elements and approaches are working for me now, when they didn’t a year or so ago, as well as why I am finally owning my leadership role in the world.

I’m going to talk about a lot of what I’ve kept to myself because I used to think it didn’t fit anywhere. Because it didn’t. I don’t fit into mediocrity, copy catting or self denial. I’ve read a lot in recent years, following folk of all different ages, watched, witnessed, listened. It’s true there are only a certain amount of human experiences and all I see is the same stories being told umpteen similar ways and everyone getting paid different amounts for sensationalising their laundry. Been there, sort of. Done that, in a different way.

The thing about pioneers, the thinking doesn’t fit anywhere. And I’ll be truthful, I don’t know many pioneers, really owning this is interesting, we’ll see what happens. All I can tell you is I’m here to be true to myself. I won’t be performing anymore. I’ll come out and glow when I say so and I will talk about what’s important to me and the world I serve.

I’ll be over here thinking and feeling diagonally and wandering in and out of new doors and opportunities, commanding myself and living from certainty.

When 'I’m sharing I’ll tell you what is really going on. I won’t package something up that I’ve been working on for months and say it ‘just’ happened, I want to celebrate the time things take to develop. To prototype, to sandbox and to create.

Remember you all have free will. I invite you to be influenced by your heart not the latest high street shopping trend as sold to you by a false idol, not to let yourself jump out of integrity at someone else’s opinion, including mine. Take what I’m saying, reflect yes, feel into it - absolutely, command your own heart to know what is true for you. Stay held to your north, the path of growing up, and yield to the West, the path of waking up. Some may say they are awake but are they grown? Nothing worse than taking advice or support from a baby in adult clothing, do not fear the wolf my friends, fear the sheep of none thinking.

It is here I will perfume my contribution to the collective atmosphere with love, policy change and transformation. You might not see me on instagram as much, you might not see me in the same way ever again, but where I am being seen is in boardrooms, on keynote stages, in leaders offices and change makers retreats. This my friends is how we change the world, from the inside of all the places you might not expect. By transforming leadership and pioneering ways of thinking and being.

Welcome to Bounty.

Gail SchockComment