Why knowing your gifts will free you up to enjoy life even more profoundly.

I’m working with an incredible money coach Denise Hughes. One of the enquiries we are working on is in asking what are your gifts, your talents, how does magick show up in you? Juicy.

I wanted to share my response and to ask you to hop into the enquiry as well. To feel into your gifts or talents. This isn’t about what you do, or your job title. Think more about why people come and hang out at your kitchen table and not someone else’s. Of the things people can rely on you for, NOT out of people pleasing, but because they come naturally to you.

Elements of you perfume your existence.

Maybe it’s the way you make a bed or fold the towels, the way you make coffee or apple pie (my favourite). Maybe it’s in the way your kids talk to you first, laying it all on the line, or the way you shop for gifts or dress your house, drive or book a holiday, anticipating your own needs and those of your fellow adventurers. Maybe it’s how you play or make things that simply flow through you. What is your magick?

For me I have gifts of helping people feel safe, seen, understood and loved. One of my everyday phrases/spells is 'I am safe and I am loved,' or 'you are safe and you are loved.' I whisper this in my mind to everyone I walk by or see, in every email and word I write or speak.

The magick which comes through me is the art of coorie - Scottish for comfort, cozy, safe, wrapped up in blankets, toasty, bundled, candle lit, the hearth. It’s about my present honouring the land I’m from, it’s about owning my Celtic blood and coorie is a way of being.

It might also be called Earth Based Spirituality or Kitchen Witchcraft, the Wise Woman Way, mother energy, or other. I don’t mind what you identify it as, because I know it all to be me. Gail Love Schock. It’s what I do and who I am, but then again even our cattle know the gift of coorie. To coorie-in means to cuddle, to get into that wee nook or spot where your heart beat and breathe slow down and you feel settled.


Hearth and heart are my gifts. I believe myself to be a human hearth, where people feel able to unwind, to settle, relax, take a layer of bullshit off. Shaking the day away like a dog after a good run. The more I lean into myself the more my gifts show up in my personal and professional worlds. The increasing 1-2-1 client sessions and workshops I host at home give conscious space to the hearth.

It's natural for me to love, cook, clear space, declutter in truth, reframe, accept people as they are. I have a knack of noticing what people are distorting or deleting, missing out on if you will. Like looking for your glasses and they are on your head. I see God and she looks back at me through the hearts of everyone I meet, yes everyone - even the people who piss me off and I think ‘you are such a pain the arse.’ I’m that person for other people, we’re human and humans rub one another the right and wrong way.

My gift includes putting myself first and leading others to do this, self care is worship, prayer is play and devotion is wild and wonderful. Especially when there is a warm hearth to coorie into.

A wee additional note….the first Scottish retreat is about to be announced for early June 2019 with places available.

Are you coming?

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