What is coorie?

Coorie is a wee hug, a safe place, it’s being held.

Coorie is a wee hug, a safe place, it’s being held.

Traditionally coorie-ing in, is a cuddle. A nuzzle. The wee nook between the edge of the body and you, where you can squeeze in close and feel very safe.  As a Scot it’s also a way of life. We grow up coorie-ing in and it perfumes every part of life.

Walking through the front door, inhaling the smell of home, making a cup of tea with Scottish water or pouring a wee dram to sip slowly on as something bubbles on the hob. It’s cuddle after cuddle, tripping over piles of books and magazines, dogs or baskets of blankets, only to cozy down into the big armchair, it’s finding that wee nook of the chair as you would a lovers chest, this is coorie. To nestle, to cozy. It’s heritage, recipes passed down, the eclectic mix of new and old furniture. It’s incorporating the past, remembering loved ones and creating new memories.

When you make eye contact with someone and the smile moves from the crinkle of their eyes, to their mouth and you exhale, feeling instantly safe and delighted to be in their company, this is a gift of coorie.

Our Danish and Norwegian cousins have hygge, the idea of courage and comfort. The Welsh celts have cwtch, also known as a cuddle, or safe place. For me what sets coorie apart is it’s almost hard to describe, it’s a feeling of total safety and holding, a wee bit womb like if I’m honest, alone or in the company of family or fur friends, it’s also a wee bit of magick.

It’s magick because you can feel coorie inside and out, it can be a flask of tea at a picnic, the sun on your face as you tilt your chin upwards, it’s the smell of earth underfoot, it’s a wee bit of heaven on the way to heaven. The scent of heather pressed under hiking boot, the first log lit on the fire, it’s closing the windows at sunset and picking up a big blanket or jumper to coorie down. It’s the blood of Scotland. It’s coming home to yourself.

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