Why we need coorie.


We need coorie to slow down. To interrupt the rush of life. Coorie is the key in the door, making you pause to inhale the smell of the comfort of your own home as you start to unwind.

The magnificence of coorie is in its down to earthness. You can’t be stiff upper lipped and coorie-in at the same time. It melts social barriers and has folks story telling of their day, before they know what’s happened. Many a time a person has said to me ‘I’ve never told anyone that.’ We need coorie as it’s a balm to stress and the pressure of daily life.

It’s as much about something hearty in the oven as it is about being the custodian of furniture and fables handed down through generations.

Coorie encourages making time for you in your life, paying attention to family, heritage and savouring the moment. It’s holding a wee square of tablet in your mouth, or smelling a great broth before it tingles your taste buds. It’s busting the myth of time scarcity and settling instead in time sufficiency.

The pace of Scots in general has more space and ease to it. I’m known for meandering about the place, but honestly why would I want to rush and miss life? It makes no sense to me. As far as Celt’s are concerned it’s a priority to make sure home feels like home no matter where we live. I’m a dab hand at making a lifeless hotel room feel like I’ve lived there for years. Tis a skill many a friend covets.

My hope for you dear reader is you bring a wee bit of coorie into your world and let it soften your heart and your bones, like a warm bath after being caught in the rain.

We can all do with slowing down a wee bit, living IN and ON purpose. To me this is coorie. Knowing my life is about nestling down into the earth as much as it opening my arms, heart and home to the ones I love and to strangers in need. Coorie is a place of safety and common understanding. I don’t need to know you to know you want to feel at ease and at home in yourself and your surroundings. We all do. It’s the thread weaving us all together, identity, home and to be wanted.

A wee note to you also, there will be ongoing coorie in the coming weeks, including a monthly Coorie-In Circle at my home in West Sussex and yes indeed, FINALLY a podcast.

It’s all brewing away in the teapot of joy. Dates and info to follow. Watch this glorious space and have a wee piece of cake and a cup of tea, give yourself 15 minutes to coorie in an enjoy the silence, or the sound of you enjoying cake and a good slurp of tea, gone all to soon meaning a second cup is needed.

Perfect for coorie-ing in.

Perfect for coorie-ing in.

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