September 2019

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September or Sultain as it's known in Scots Gaelic, brings lots to celebrate. It's a month of reaping and harvest. Figs are plentiful, as are red fruits, with wild berries still to be found in hedgerows for baking, preserving or freezing. Sloes are almost ready for gin and if you're planning fruit cake for Christmas...yes the time to start your baking and brandy feeding is upon us. Tides are most extreme this month, for anyone (like me) who loves natural swimming, double check tides and currents. Daddy long legs rear from their egg nests, bouncing willy nilly from window to doorway, babies in flight. You might notice more bees (male drones). The female workers reaching the end of their natural lives, as the Queen slumbers or dies. Gardens aren't as ripe with pollen pubs, as I call them and the remaining workers secure the hives with propolis to protect from wasps, also on a quest for sweet treats and comfort. We are not so far away from our stripy winged friends in our seasonal changes and needs. Safety, comfort and sweetness are elements of life I hold in reverence. 

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Did you know it really helps our mental and physical health to gather with like hearted and minded people? It reduces stress, anxiety and loneliness, it is really important to spend time with people who understand the enquiry of our life and sometimes that understanding comes from complete strangers.

I’m delighted to announce my upcoming events (more to add, keep your eye on my live experiences page, I suggest getting your tickets right now to ensure you don’t miss out.

7 Sep London Unlocking The Power of Your Voice

14 Sep | 12 Oct | 2 Nov Temple of The Ribcage returns for Season III with Stretch London

21 Sep Kind Festival A day with so much goodness you might actually start to youth by being there.

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