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Designing the perfect ceremony for you.

I’m Reverend Gail M. Love-Schock, a family Celebrant, expert in ceremony and events and InterFaith Minister currently based in glorious West Sussex, England, travelling all over our beautiful Earth to work with you.

In my experience, there is no limit to what we can create a ceremony or ritual for, to mark occasions, celebrate loved ones or strengthen community.  

The most common would be for me and you to work together to shape a baby naming experience or wedding, to bless a relationship or indeed to honour the passing of a loved one.

My role as your Reverend is to support you in celebrating and honouring poignant moments across your life and the life of your family in the faith or non faith of your choice.

I have conducted all manner of ceremonies and rituals including welcoming babies into the world, marrying people, renewing vows and saying farewell to loved ones.

In addition to the more traditional services I frequently conduct unique,  and increasingly popular ceremonies, such as blessing hotels at their opening, launching new products for brands and businesses, pet naming and funeral services, positive divorce celebrations, conscious uncoupling and welcoming blended families together, for example divorcee’s or widowers remarrying, parents who are creating a family through fostering or adoption.




Baby & Family Blessing


Divorce & Separation

Crossroads &


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End of Life


Rites of Passage

Interfaith Adventures