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Temple of The Ribcage - July 2018

The Temple of the Ribcage is a space within you, the inner chambers of your heart, the place of your essence, intuition and wisdom. Gail Love Schock will remind you who are and walk with you through your inner temple door.

Part sermon, poetry, prayer and conversation Gail is gathering her ministry in preparation for continued global change, soul expansion and thriving in everyday life. Loneliness and loss of hope are an epidemic of our times; The Temple of The Ribcage soothes you, bringing hope and the invitation to reconnect to yourself and community. Join an ever growing circle of seekers finding their home.

Drawing from ancient and modern practices reaching across Mayhan, Buddha, Celtic, Earth, Meditation, Energy Healing and more The Temple of The Ribcage encourages you to harmonise your three centres, the heart, brain and body. Empowering your own potential to release more power, open doors to deep intuition, increase focus and total recall with profound connection to yourself and those around you. Aligning yourself to the chambers of the heart is the pathway to clarity, freedom and love. These gatherings deliver hope, warmth and tenderness.

Earlier Event: June 9
Temple of The Ribcage - June 2018
Later Event: August 17