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Bridge Between Worlds | Retreat | Ireland


Mother Earth isn't just a nice idea.
She is you.

Even if you're a city-dweller,
the earth sustains your life every day.

Your body isn't separate from nature
but a fundamental part of it.

The whispers of trees, the wind, the sea and stars?
They call to you because you're made of the same stuff.
You also call to them, whether you know it or not.

You are Mother Earth's voice
and the bridge between this physical world
and the unseen world.

You're a canvas and celestial channel,
here to speak up on behalf of nature
and on behalf of the Divine.

Do you feel the call to speak?
To listen to stories as old as time itself
and share the stories only you can tell?

Is your body asking for deep nourishment?
To take some time to receive rest and sustenance?

Are you inspired to immerse yourself in Celtic land
not only physically but spiritually?
To learn its stories and feel their timeless support
in your heart and in your life?

If so, we invite you to join us on a 5-day retreat
exploring your role as a bridge between worlds

in Dingle Peninsula, Ireland.