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Happy Halloween - A Night of Ritual and Celebration from The House of Love Schock


Winter is coming and whilst the final season of Game of Thrones is a long way off yet, Halloween, The Celtic New Year is far closer.

On the 31st October the veils between this and other worlds are thin. With every opportunity to cast a spell, call in a wish or whisper to the dead, Gail Love Schock and the Love Schock Family welcome you to a night of ritual and liberation.

You’ll enjoy tonics and elixirs. Bob for miracles, hang wishes on sacred trees, honour the passing of the dead, you will discover the art of radical contact with life at a time when shadows reach long and tickle necks.

Gail will connect you to the wise ones who roam across the hours of this hallowed day, experience an evening like no other.

Bring your cat and your cauldron, your broom and let’s pray,

for tonight the dead they come out to play

Beware vampires, werewolves, and all of your ghosts

Beware of the unseen in the shadows and your hosts

For on all Hallow's eve the veils are thin

Stand side by side and Let Magick in

Dress as your alter ego, your desire, your fantasy, allow the walls of normalcy to crumble, awaken your heart and show him or her off, bring your most delicious.