Can I talk to you before we start working together?

Yes. We will gather on a 15 minute chemistry call and see what’s what. It has to work for both of us. No chemistry, no healing.

Who do you work with?

What does a woman in her corner office in Canary Wharf, a dad, an entrepreneur and an A-Lister have in common? They all work with me. What does the parent of an empath five year old, intuitive teenager or creatively blocked artist have in common? They also work with me.  My clients include women and men from all over the world; singer songwriters, actors, authors, wellness experts, sports people, royalty, financial leaders and more. I work with celebrities and influencers, media professionals, TV producers, political authorities, government advisors and hundreds of private clients... including you.

I saw you at an event and loved what you were saying I think I need some help in those areas, but I’m a bit nervous, is this okay?

Yes it is and thanks for being honest. I really love it when someone connects with what I said in a public gathering and gets in touch. It shows you were inspired, which means you listened to your body and this makes a huge difference. Nerves are part of the signs that change is coming. Keep breathing, you’ve got this.

I haven’t worked with a coach or anyone before, can I still work with you?


I have no idea where to start, can you help?

Certainly I can. In the first session we’ll explore your thoughts, unpack the suitcase of you, take off the overcoats of emotion you’ve been wearing and overall lighten your load. We’ll move you from feeling as if you have the weight of the world to check in, to a neat little carry on of hand luggage only.

Do you work with lots of different people?

Yes indeed, it doesn’t matter where you come from, or what stage of life you’re at, if you need my guidance, I’m here to work with you and help you overcome your obstacles.

I represent a private client and organisation, can I contact you on their behalf?

Yes, email me and we can set up a call.

What happens in a chemistry call?

The call is fifteen minutes, depending on your questions and we go through a few questions to find out where you are and what you would like help with. You might not always know. Often people have got to a pain point they can’t tolerate anymore and change is needed with support. That’s where I come in. We then agree if I can help and what the best way forward is for you .

What happens in a session?

The first session is really about getting to know each other. You’ll always have the ‘thing’ you think you’re coming to work with on and as we talk we’ll start to get under the layers of where you really are, what is going on and what you want to work through. It’s a gentle conversation, there might be tears as having time for you can feel strange, especially if you haven’t shared the topics you’re bringing out in the open. There will be meditation to open and close the session, knowing each time we gather it is different.

You talk about sacred space, what is it? know when you go shopping with a friend and they pull loads of clothes from the rack to try on, however you don’t find anything, but you go to the changing room with them anyway? It’s like that. You stand outside making sure they feel safe, you chat, you give them feedback, sometimes you go get other sizes for a better fit. My job is to make your life a better fit. The couture of fits if you will.

How long is a session?

Between one to one and a half hours depending on on how we work together. At a certain level of mentorship we can also spend a half day together more than once across the programme.

Are the programmes bespoke?

Yes, I have a robust set of tools and systems which I work with, however the themes are driven by you and what we agree as the intentions of working together, along with allowing ourselves to be adaptable along the way. It’s important to allow for breakthroughs, life in general, vacations and celebratory moments.

Do we get to celebrate?

The work we do together will change your life. There will be a lot to celebrate.

Do you conduct single sessions?

Yes. They are 75 minutes long and can be quite intense, but very useful to explore what is happening in your world right now.

I’ve heard good things about your Sink into Spirit programme, what is that?

It was my best seller for a long time, the mentorships and group packages have since become more popular. In the Sink into Spirit programme, we can get under the surface of what is going on and at least shift you from feeling a little stuck to feeling much better in three to six sessions. It’s like a delicious starter, enough to energise and move you forward, help you get your head and ideas straight or give you a trusting and unique experience with me before you take a deeper dive.

Tell me more about your 6 to 12 month mentorships?

Over the years I’ve worked with thousands of people and I know what works. I know the rhythm of when people really dive into the work and start to see shift and change, it’s at this point the support is really needed. You need to know you’re safe, secure and that this new way of living will stick. Creating the new normal is one of the most important parts of my work.

What if I just need someone to call on a couple of times a month to help with ongoing life and business decisions?

I can absolutely help with this, I would still suggest this falls into the mentorship package, however a chemistry call will support best practice in relation to this.

Do you travel to meet clients face to face? Would you travel overseas?

This is absolutely possible and we can agree this as part of the terms of working together.

What do I need to bring to sessions?

A notebook, pen and curiosity. If we’re meeting face to face I encourage you to record the session on your phone or another device. If it’s over zoom, the recording is sent to you as part of the programme.

Will I receive post session follow up?

Absolutely. You’ll be sent an email with what we’ve discussed, including any resources, bespoke meditations and guidance. The recorded zoom session will also be sent for you to refer back to.

This is all sounding really great. Can you tell me more about the tools you work with? Or the Healing Arts as you call them.

I work with a lot of tools and you can find out more by reading my page specifically dedicated to them.

Wow, okay, will we do all of those in one session?!

No, that would be tool-tastic overload. Once I understand more of where you are and what you need, I’ll give you guided self practice of which healing arts are most relevant for you.

I’ve never meditated before is that a problem?

No, teaching you from the ground floor up is a treat.

I’ve been meditating for a long time, will your teaching interfere with my chosen form of meditation?

Not at all. It’s complementary and will enrich your already wonderful practice.

I know you travel all over the world for events, how do I keep up to date on where you will be?

Sign up for my newsletter.

Are you available for private parties or brand partnerships?

Absolutely. Contact me to set up a call.

Why do you have contracts?

It protects everybody involved. This is a specialised service. Yes you are part of the Love Schock family, you are also a paying client and I honour this by respecting the administrative side as much as working together.

Can I pay the full programme amount straight away?


Can I pay installments?

Yes. You pay a deposit, then monthly installments. We agree this before going to contract, so it’s all clean. Energy in and energy out.

Do you offer refunds?

Within 7 days of signing the contract, each party has the freedom to change their mind. After this there is no refund available.

Can I refer friends?