THIS SIGNATURE PROGRAM is bespoke TO YOU, with custom sessions nourishing and supporting you from the inside out over a longer period of time (6 months) to introduce deep healing, evolution and life changes.

You have walked through the holy door of you and now it’s time to remember your wholeness, your connection to both your human body and divine being along with the mystery which breathes life into everything seen and unseen.

Why this?

Reclaim your Voice. Your Body. Reconnect to Wholeness.

Access the treasure of your higher and lower selves.

Love more. Spend more time in and with passion. Pray your heart whole again.

Retrieve your understanding of self and alight on the simplicity of an enchanted life.

Witness and integrate the aspects of your hidden consciousness which you’ve been hiding, denying or fearing.

Befriend your Divine nature. Honour yourself. Elevate your life.

Meet your your courage, the rage of the heart.

Understand the cycles of you, the moon, planets and the land under your feet fostering the blossoming of your heart.

Be supported through your next decision, project, adventure or business idea.

Relish in the unknowing, the great mystery, the in between.

Together we’ll go on a journey of discovery incorporating mind, body and spirit medicine from ancient to modern day modalities. Including but not limited to,

(i) Spiritual Accompaniment which is explicitly reciprocal, a transformative process, inviting spiritual democracy, acknowledging space of a third presence held in our hearts. This process invites both me and you back to wholeness, we heal together. This is hugely experiential.

(ii) Voice Sound Healing, Kundalini Yoga, The Enneagram, Shaking Therapy, Beach Horizon Coaching, Rites of Passage and Ritual, Emotional Freedom Technique, NLP, Meditation, Breathwork, and day retreats.

(iii) Heart to Brain Coherence, understand how to influence states, moods and decision making.

(iv) Modalities and teachings will be drawn from traditions, faith paths and experiences of Sacred Feminine + Masculine, Mayhan, Buddha, Celtic, Hinduism, Earth, Ascended Masters, Angelic Guides, The Holy ones and many more.

(v) Allowing space for the great mystery, the divine to be part of the unfolding


This is space for growth and connection. We'll find your map, explore what the territories of you are made from - people, influences, experiences, landmarks, faiths and traditions - and we'll walk across the bridge of your now to your next.

This is an intimate journey, you may reveal more to me than any other. It is all held confidential and with sacred care.

There will be visible and invisible work.

You will name your wounds, lovingly bringing them out of the shadow for healing; to the benefit of you and your life path.

You will learn how to reclaim the health of the darkness, as well as the light, understanding what is IN the way, is often THE way.

You will reclaim your body, finding fresh care, respect and nourishment for your vessel.

I will offer you food and flavours for contemplation.

This work is done with reverence, to meet where the angels tread beside the great mystery, allowing the process to unfold as it must.

This work cannot all be planned, for what happens in between the space of you and I, is exactly what needs to happen. This is the liminal space, the dream world of the great mystery. The waking.

Together we will find deeper peace, transparency, defencelessness - allowing a deeper sinking into the truth of you.

This is not transactional therapy, nor interventive therapeutic counselling, there is no hierarchy of therapist to client in Spiritual Counselling. We do this together.

You will turn up your creativity, amplify your trust in yourself and your decision making and tune into the mystery of what lies between your now and your next. We’re not trying to fix anything, we are aligning you to your inner world, returning you to yourself and exploring the inner wholeness which continues to whisper to you.

If you wish you’ll explore  leadership skills for this changing time and understand your work towards wholeness in this lifetime.

Each practice boosting your own potential to meet more wholenss, open doors to deeper intuition, increase focus and total recall with profound connection to yourself and those around you. The spirit is incapable of being tired, here you’ll learn how to rest the body to integrate instead of recover, to replenish instead of repair and to inspire instead of closing down.

Combining all of these skills and experiences, I’ll walk with you, guiding you through your programme, scaled to fit your requirements. Every interaction encouraging  your expansion into your potential, the journey with what whispers to you and you alone.

We will cultivate the richest soil for your growth and connection.


  • 2 x 60 minute healing calls per month, a combination of face to face and recorded zoom calls

  • Direct texts and email support

  • 6 x bespoke Meditations and Journeys

  • Understanding how to use your map spirit compass

  • Homework

  • Spiritual Counselling and Mentoring

  • Tools

  • Additional materials


Watching the horizon Here you discover the unspoken blocks to you. Find out where you are second guessing your power and trust in the universal elixir.  Excavate your ideas of who you are now and clear the way for beginners mind, a place of diamond bright thinking, creating, feeling and living.

Meet the Myths you associate with good or bad, light or dark, higher or lower self.

Discover and Reclaim what it means to live with an open heart and strong back, the archer. Meet your sexual and sensual being, learn about the creative potential in you.

Tests and Trials  Unpacking the concept and objectification of female and male archetypes, nature, tyranny and activation. What fires you up, puts you into anger and defence mode? Meet the darkness without fear.

Advancement The potential for every plant is held in the seed. It is the most innovative part of Mother Natures designs. Finding the best energetic and environmental soil and fuel sources for you and your journey will inspire independent study and growth leading to a prospering life. This element creates luminous and noticeable miracles in you and those around you.

Release Witness, Accept and Align Connecting to your wholeness, intuition and voice. Discover your brand of personal remedies.

Wake Down and Wake Up  Discover how to magnetise yourself, deliberately co-creating a life of alignment, ease, grace and celebration. Develop your intuition, growing into the knowing of you.

This journey calls for courage, acceptance of knowing some things will never be able to be explained or understood and that there are powerful forces of growth and change everywhere. When you know how to work with these forces, this is where you return to wholeness.

Expect to walk away feeling

  • Transformed

  • Awake

  • Whole

  • Loved and sacred

  • Understanding the power of awareness of you

  • Knowing how to manage your behaviour

  • Expert in personal conduct

  • Connected and in conversation with your inner wisdom

  • Luminous

  • At ease in yourself

  • Ready to take future steps more easily

  • Comfortable with change, able to adapat

  • Fearless about your path and adventure

  • Confident about who you are and what you are here to do

  • Free to speak, to love, to live.

Living a life from wisdom, connection and potency births a lived experience of satisfaction, meaningful contribution and joy.

Future self says thank you.

Fees for these services

Investment for this programme starts at £7k. Investment is dependent on the bespoke nature of the programme and time commitment.  Payment in full or deposit + payments options available