The bottom line is I was the weird kid who always knew what other people were thinking...

I knew who was calling on the telephone, what my Christmas presents were going to be before opening them and if something was off - food, people, directions...I knew. The early years were okay, I was a kid. Kids are supposed to have big imaginations. The teenage years were trickier.

My natural talents for empathy, intuition and healing amped up, so did people's reactions. By twenty something I’d made rebellious choices hurting no-one but me in an attempt to live a ‘normal’ life. I was diagnosed with endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), the research available at the time led to elective surgery. Just before waking up I heard a voice in my right ear ‘Gail, they’ve done more than they said they would. This is going to hurt, you have to prepare yourself. Can you do that for me?’ A few seconds later I met the pain and the surgeon as he walked into the room, prior to which there was only me.

Like any good rebel, I dived deeper into the silt of life, knowing I couldn’t go back to sleep, but unsure of where to go next. Living with one bad boy too many, falling for a narcissistic conman and surviving more accidents than is strictly natural meant I’d stumbled further into the dark than I’d intended, but without a map I didn't know how to thrive there.

A decade of accidents including mountain bike, ski (the voice spoke to me again) and surf (and again), then with real firmness in a car accident. The message was very clear by this point, I wasn’t listening, I was out of my purpose, broken and if I didn’t get back to the plan I wouldn’t be around much longer. I took me two years to recover from the crash and it was exactly what I needed. It was the beginning of a profound gratitude practice, before it was common practice, it was the motivation I needed to find good teachers, elders who could help and it was the chance to finally do what I knew I was here to do. To help others and I, return to wholeness with love, in the most down to earth way possible with the biggest dollop of humour.

So that’s exactly what I did and that’s why we’re meeting here today.

You my sweet love are so very welcome here, thank you for meeting me here.

So, how do I work?

I specialise in Heart to Brain Cohesion, drawing from ancient and modern practices reaching across Buddhism, Celtic traditions, Earth and more. The way I work encourages you to harmonise your three centres, the heart, brain and body.

Empowering you to meet your wholeness which you may have previously heard described as potential, power or authenticity. I like to help you open doors to deeper intuition, increased focus and recall with profound connection to yourself and those around you. Aligning yourself to your own heart is the pathway to universal oneness, clarity, freedom and love.

My approach is to help you find your approach to a rich spiritual human life which suits you.

I’m the initiator of Quantum Wave Meditation, a Buddhist Relaxation Teacher, Spiritual Accompaniment and Mentor, Transformation Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Celebrant, Magnified Healer, Emotional Freedom Technique expert, instructor in the Enneagram and Kundalini yoga, a student of A Course in Miracles, an apprentice of nutritional alchemy and Ayurveda and an InterFaith Minister in Training. (Find out more here.)

I designed the Radical Contact with Life, The Secrets to Cultivate Your Magnificence and Aligning your Russian Doll systems. Further to this I’ve helped thousands of people reclaim their sound with my Voice Thief to Voice Freedom work.

Trained by many including all of you, One Spirit Interfaith Foundation, Dr Robert Holden, Rowena Beaumont, Guru Jagat and many monks, nuns and elders, with tangible results from thousands of clients, this is my life walk (not work). Known as a Lioness of Leadership, whatever fire is dormant in your belly, I will fan your flames and reconnect you to your spirit, your inner world and connection to whatever you need. You’re in an expert pair of hands. Let me be clear I am not a clinical therapist and if you need a different therapy I can recommend some very good people.

Featured in The Sunday Times Style Magazine, Psychologies and The New York Post, my intention is to continue to inspire people to return to wholeness, to live Radical Contact with Life, Cultivating Magnificence with all the delicious surprises which show up along the way.

Your Future self says thank you.