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David Wells, Like Dumbledore but less beardy  

"Gail has a way of seeing the magic in everything and she manages to weave it all into our consciousness, the ordinary and the extraordinary working hand in hand, heart to heart, soul to soul. What I love most about Gail is her grace, the movement of her work and her words. Like the Universe within she weaves a tapestry of starlight to illuminate even the darkest night, never failing to put a smile on my face and light in my heart. Get some Love-Shock Magic!" 

Gemma Brady, TV Producer +  Founder Sister Stories

"Quite simply put, working with Gail changed my life.

I came to her with so many doors inside me unopened, for fear of what may lie behind. Through working with Gail over a year, I truly moved my life in a new direction, gaining the courage to launch new projects, design my life to feel more easeful and opening those doors inside to find beautiful treasures hidden within. I don't quite know how to describe what she does- it's unlike anything I've ever experienced. If you feel called to explore working with her I'd simply say: trust that instinct. It's a truly transformative experience. "

Chris Noyes, Yoga Teacher

“Gail has been a powerful, integral and hugely important part of my transformation and continues to be so. Gail has demonstrated rapid insight and understanding into my issues and the path that has been unfolding for me.

I was in a place of confusion and uncertainly prior to meeting Gail. She has guided me through this unfolding to where I am now, teaching me how to listen to my inner self and intuition and to develop a healthier, happier and more focused path forward. I now feel clear on where I am going but also comfortable and confident as to where I am today.

The kindness and nurturing that Gail has provided makes me feel so cared for and supported. And the ability to present hard truths and complex information in a way that I understand and feel supported in has been incredible.

As a result of my time with Gail, I feel clearer, lighter and so much more aligned on my path. Gail has taught me to have fun in my life and what I am doing rather than just driving forward aimlessly and with force.  I am excited to walk the next steps with Gail and am hugely grateful that I have had the opportunity to work with Gail”.

Emilyne Mondo, Actress + Activist

"Gail pours love into your world with such ease and understanding its impossible not to be moved. She manages to be magick in practical & cosmic ways; leading you back to yourself, your voice, your truth. I'm so passionate about Gails work - this is self care with a capital S ( no fads here, ) just truly transformative. Working in the entertainment industry takes its toll - I met Gail when I was on a rocky road of uncertainty. We worked closely to find out what was important and true - then used her techniques for daily grounding. She's Magick."

Hristiana Georgieva, Co-Founder Bliss.Work

"Working with Gail is nothing short of life-changing. She promised to be my spiritual running buddy and she way over-delivered! Throughout the entire time we worked together I always felt guided, challenged and always very supported. It was only after we completed the mentorship that I realised the complete support I had during my transformation and how much more empowered, clear and centred i have become. I was encouraged to look at myself and the world around difference and once you have seen with new eyes there is no going back. I believe that everyone working with Gail will have a similar experience - seeing themselves and the world around them in a new and an enchanting way."

carl faure, co-founder stretch & exhale festival

"Gail Love Schock is magic - Someone I can always rely on for a blast of something cosmically terrific when I feel my own personal powers waning. 

In times of darkness, stuck-ness or good old fashioned flatness, Gail continues to be one of the brightest guiding lights in my personal galaxy. 

I’m delighted to regularly host Gail at Stretch, my East London studio, and I’m chuffed to smithereens that she has become a celebrated fixture at my annual Exhale Festival.

Everyone needs a little Love Schock magic in their life!'

Vix Maxwell - New Age Hipster
Spiritual + Biz Mentor, Tarot + Angel Card Reader, Writer + Teacher

"Gail Love Schock is a cosmic force of love and light on this planet. She is a Priestess space holder who I have no doubt has been doing this work for lifetimes. Working with Gail creates big shifts, but it's not for the fainthearted! She will hold up a mirror and really make you see yourself. She will guide you through the darkest shadow aspects of yourself and make you meet your greatest fears, but she will also help you to see the best and highest version of yourself, move into alignment with your higher self and own your own magic.

Gail will make you really see yourself and do "the work", but she will do it with so much love, light and oh so, so much laughter, and the shifts she helps you to create are glorious."

Holly Jones, Glow Boss Media

"I can't thank Gail enough, for the magickal wisdom she has provided to myself and many!

Just being in her presence enables the calmest, most connected energy. She really puts in her all when sharing her knowledge and is furthermore, super relatable and inquisitive about the world and our behaviours. By offering simple and such self loving solutions, the words she speaks are value beyond belief.

I first felt a deep transition for me, whilst taking part in a Kundalini practice with her. Shifts I never thought I'd experience (or never thought I needed too) occurred, and as a result, a weight had been instantly lifted. I can now take some of these practices into my everyday life, and know that everything we need is rightfully within us. So, thank you! I can't wait to see where the journey takes Gail to next."

Vicki Pavitt, co-founder of Project Love

"I started working with Gail during a period of huge expansion in my life. Gail's support during that time was not only invaluable, it was life changing.

Through the lessons and tools that she has taught me, she has helped and empowered me to set my life up for greater connection, creativity, wisdom and ease & flow. I am so grateful for having Gail as my co-pilot on this journey."

Corinne Worsley, Life Coach + Inspirational Speaker

"Gail is the presence and the voice of the alternative.

Working with Gail has opened my heart and my mind to new possibilities and has led me to a deeper understanding of myself, my spirituality and my purpose. I feel like I have grown as a woman and become more grounded in the truth of who I am, which is helping me in both my life and my business.

Gail does everything with softness, humour and love and is always there by my side to pick me up if things get tough. She has so many wonderful tools and meditations at her fingertips that no matter what I'm working through, she's got me covered.

I can't recommend Gail highly enough. If you're looking for a spiritual coach and mentor, she's your woman."

KB, Finance

"When I first started working with Gail I took lots of events in my life as a matter of life and death. I gave my power away on stuff and people that didn’t matter. Gail helped me to put things into perspective, understand my value and my power. I work in a very high profile job and I thought I resolved my issues with self worth and confidence long time ago. However, when  things would get a bit patchy or stressful I would go back to my original pattern. Gail helped to get to the root cause of my problems and work on them, which created a more sustainable result.

I think being a life coach is a vocation. Gail is very intuitive. Her approach is highly customised and she has a special touch that made me trust her straight away. Six months later I feel much calmer and in my power. I am much more self aware and I can spot thought patterns or actions that don’t serve me anymore. All thanks to Gail.

I rarely write testimonials but on this occasion I feel like telling you that  if you do have an opportunity to work with Gail, don’t think about it, just do it. You will notice a huge difference."

N Morgan, Wunderman

"Gail's sparkle and gentle confidence is magnetic. Since the first conversation with her I felt drawn to work with her on a personal level.

She has a way to both encourage you to stretch your limits and challenge yourself, while simultaneously helping you feel safe in your own body and own thought processes.

I've not been working with her for long, but I've had one of the biggest emotional realisations and shifts I've ever had already.

I understand myself better, I care for myself more and I can listen to what's going on in a much more positive way. I'm more than excited to see where the work goes and how I can expand with her guidance and support.

Thank you Gail, this mentorship is life saving work."

Hannah J, Client


"Gail to me is like the empress.  Earth mother - Nurturing me, holding me so deeply but also beaming out her star crown and taking us to higher heights and the mythical realms.

She doesn’t instruct and say “you are grounded” she tunes into your body and invites you to feel those sensations. Sensations I had desensitised from. Not allowing myself to be here fully. She can taste what you’re tasting. Feel what you’re feeling. Long before I have put my awareness now. On mentioning my jaw I was like holy moly my jaw!!! How have I not noticed this almost clamp like feeling on it. Body work is a huge part of the puzzle for me. To be embodied.

Everyone should have a Gail."