SINK INTO YOUR SPIRIT is a bespoke service nourishing and empowering you and your soul from the inside out. Together we’ll go on a journey of discovery incorporating mind, body and spirit medicine from ancient to modern day modalities. Including but not limited to

(i) introducing The Enneagram, Emotional Freedom Technique, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Meditation and Breathwork

(ii) introduction to Heart to Brain Coherence

(iii) Allowing space throughout for the great mystery, the divine to be part of the unfolding


We’re not trying to fix anything, we are aligning you to your inner world, returning you to yourself and exploring the inner potential which continues to whisper to you. Wellbeing means knowing who you really are.

Combining all of these skills, I’ll walk side by side with you across the bridge from your now to next, guiding you through your programme, scaled to fit your requirements.


This work invites you to be more honest than you might be comfortable with, to expose self imposed limiting scripts and be curious about what might be possible. I will help you demystify the root of where the personality is masking your spirit, exploring the hidden elements of both lower and higher consciousness and nature. We'll uncover what is hidden, making you unwell or limiting your potential to feel whole. This is a experiential and transformative process.

Sink into your Spirit introductory package

It’s here you will  begin to pay attention to where you are, where you really are and where you really, really, really are right now in your life. Once you know this, it’s simpler to dissolve illusions, dissatisfaction and questions around the space you inhabit. It’s like having a cold and finally getting your taste buds back. Releasing expectation and judgement, instead following joy and grace, even when the work is confronting.

The How

  • 3 or 6 x 50 minute phone/skype or zoom calls (every 2 weeks)

  • Follow up emails x 3 or 6

  • 1- 3 bespoke meditations

  • Self practice (homework)

  • Life Coaching with a Spiritual twist

  • Reading recommendations

  • Tools

The fee for this package is £725 0r £1400

Payment options available - just ask.

Together we will create a lived experience of satisfaction, meaningful development and joy when living a life from wisdom, connection and potency.

Future self says thank you.