I work one-to-one with private clients in a handpicked collection of ways. 

(Contact me here if you have a specific need or question in mind)

I want you to understand what it truly means to follow joy. To take a brave grace filled step or stumble into universal flow. To co-create your lived experience benefiting yourself, your loved ones and your community.

I want you to wake up to your richest beautiful life, even when the bed isn’t made, the kids are late for school or you are balancing your energy one holistic encounter at a time.


1-2-1 Spiritual accompaniment

A single 60 minute session face to face or using Zoom, (recorded).

Helping you tend to your inner life, deepen your understanding of current challenges, questions or curiosities.

£225 per single session


Sink into your spirit

A program of either 3 or 6 sessions that will provide nourishment for your soul. 

Together we’ll go on a journey of discovery incorporating mind, body and spirit medicine from ancient to modern day modalities.

This is a deeper dive than a 1-2-1.


Spiritual Direction: THE SIGNATURE PROGRAM

A bespoke mentoring service with me, with custom sessions nourishing and supporting you and your spirit from the inside out over a longer period of time (6 months) to enable deep healing, evolution and life changes.


Liberate your Life with the Enneagram

The system was designed to make clear the relationship between the Essence (soul) and personality or ego. In the beginning we are all without fear, we are perfect and love everyone and everything. We live without conflict of self, decision making, or walking our path to continued greatness. Then something happens, the ego starts to develop, we start to form opinions, we fall from soul to personality and forget who we were to begin with.

The Enneagram is a map to return us to us. It allows easier and cleaner decision making, trusting the instinct, discovering our true purpose and being at one with ourselves are parts of this work. It helps us return to spirit, supporting how we exist in the world, within a family or community and at work.

This one hour 1-2-1 workshop will introduce you to the opportunities to be free of challenges of the personality, to understand yourself more fully and to liberate your life. To experience the ego in service to you and to master yourself.

Including preparation time, one hour recorded zoom session and follow up, investment is £300.

Amplify - Beach Retreats

Join me at my home for a half or full day retreat designed specifically for you, including refreshments, personalised workshop and experiences. This is coaching and spiritual mentoring at its most dynamic.

You know you are ready for radical connection and tangible results in your life and your business.

You know you are ready to dissolve limiting blocks and actions, to start something new yes, but more than that to finish projects over and over again, putting new things into the world which help, heal and handle the ever changing waves of right now.

You are ready to be turned on by life, to drop the struggle and pick up greatness.

You want to wake up every single day in trust, faith and gratitude.

You are ready to make your life and business even better.

You know what the next level is, and the Amplify programme will support and maintain you living this elevated and enchanted life.

Become the leader of your life as only you can. Expect to invest from £750.

In much of what I do I am dealing with what might be referred to as intangible forces in the world. Working with people in the art of their thinking, feeling, emotions, states, inner and spiritual development.  These are all things which are difficult to pin down but which have a profound and concrete effect on people's’ lives and work. Everything I do is linked to helping you become truly alive, to create delicious growth conditions to live a truly inspired and meaningful, happy and healthy life.

When you are willing to sit in the unknowing, to explore and reach into a new level of growth and inspiration, this allows the illusions of limits and disconnection to dissolve, making way for beauty and freedom in everything you are and do.

My job is to walk side by side with you across the bridge of your now to your next.

We won’t always know what is going to happen. Sessions will vary from deep practice and spiritual work, to sacred space and silence, sometimes sessions will be easy flowing conversations which feel more akin to coffee with an old friend. It’s all relative to where you are on the day and time we meet.Transformation happens at an imagined state first, then it filters into the body, filling the heart, which in turns communicates to the brain, easing pathways of old and steadily evolving a continued sense of peace, ease and steadiness.

I work with the body (somatic) and the mind (cognitive) to ascertain what information is stored in the cells or the brain, translating this information to benefit you, so you may once again feel wholeness and balance in your life. It is a highly rewarding process.

You may have a specific experience or challenge you wish to work through:

  • Healing your experience of voice paralysis, or stuck words, unable to speak in meetings or with a loved one (The Voice Thief to Voice Freedom)

  • Reclaiming the sound of you - public speaking, pitching ideas and presentation, communicating to loved ones.

  • Feeling lost or not knowing what is next.

  • Reclaiming your faith

  • Blushing

  • Anxiety / Stress Management

  • Addictions

  • Distractions

  • Self Sabotage

  • You think there is something missing and you feel disconnected or dissatisfied with life

  • Self esteem

  • Finding direction once more

Healing is an essential part of complementary healthcare.  It is needed to support recovery from trauma, illness, suffering and pain.

Or perhaps you wish to explore your spiritual life more deeply, to reach out to explore spiritual community and be in deeper connection to your own practice and faith, such as:

  • Returning to Love

  • Recovery from traditional religious practice

  • Spiritually curious

  • Deeper self practice

  • Mastering yourself

  • Esoteric teachings

  • Connection to the God of your understanding

  • Developing Empath / Intuitive Talents

  • Forgiveness and Compassion Practices